One of the most significant domains that determine happiness in life is the experience of forming genuine, enduring attachments with our loved ones. Disharmony in our intimate relationships with our partners or other family members can often be helped by psychotherapy.

While I often meet with couples, sibling groups or parents and children, sometimes relationships are also the focus of treatment even when the other people are not present. Even if your partner or other loved one is either not available or not willing to work on a relationship, significant improvement can be achieved.

I have studied and am familiar with various schools of treatment for relationships including systemic family therapy, Internal Family SystemsEmotionally Focused TherapyIntimacy from the Inside OutGottman Method Couple therapy, and Discernment Counseling.

It is important to acknowledge that sometimes relationships do not thrive or endure as we might have hoped in spite of our best efforts. I also have extensive experience and expertise in helping individuals and families navigate the challenges of break-ups and divorce.

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