When people are dealing with the strains of break-ups and divorces, they often experience significant challenges in both personal and professional domains.

I have thus worked with individuals, couples and their children as they have navigated the various stages of coping with divorce – from decision-making, dealing with the legal process, managing new financial or work realities, effective parenting and co-parenting, dating again, to forming step-families.

While it may be hard to see divorce as an opportunity for personal development while trying to survive the significant “storm” that divorce creates; the experience (like many other life crises) can often be a catalyst to pursue greater happiness in one’s life. While I would never minimize the devastating pain of divorce on all involved, I have seen how adopting the philosophy of “not letting a crisis go to waste” has enabled people to reconstitute their lives in meaningful and truly fulfilling ways. It is my commitment to work with individuals, couples and family members to conscientiously pursue this philosophy.

I am a member of the professional organization, The Divorce Center, whose mission is to make divorce more civil and less traumatic, especially for the children.

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